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Caregiving Policy for a Playful Planet
Caregiving Policy can be political parties' priority #1, front and centre in the media, if caregiving is reframed as the organizing principle integrating Environmental, Economic, Educational and Cultural Policy.
  Imagiscape developed and tested methods of transforming caregiving.  Reframing caregiving changed the real experience of caregivers - from being isolated, 'left behind' to being on the leading edge of cultural transformation. 
  Seeing home as an ecosystem, and a microcosm of global issues, caregiving became exhilarating - the greatest education.  Playing CEO, they developed business skills.  Playing engineer, healer, MC, chef, journalist, historian, clown and scientist, they grew.  They experienced home as a play/ a garden/ a business/ music/ a dance we create with our family about our family. The process transformed interpersonal dynamics from conflict to collaboration.  Caregiving became a total creative workout – creatures of habit became creators of habits; signs of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity emerged.  Home evolved from caregiving-by-consuming to caregiving-by-playing, from resentful stagnation to loving presence. They identified as Caregivers of the Planet, developing an economy where everyone is seen as a partner in care.   Unrealistic? Sometimes I agree. Lack of sleep does strange things to people. Frustration bordering on rage (so close to violence) was a familar feeling. When a journalist wanted an interview for a TV segment, I said "I can tell you caregiving is heaven or caregiving is hell. Which angle do you want?"
  Imagiscape presents a strategy to raise awareness of the necessity and economic wisdom of supporting caregivers, and to elevate caregiving so people identify as caregivers in all they do. Care to discuss?

Imagiscape - sincerely testing claims that caregiving is rewarding.
We're not selling ideas, we're sharing our process.


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Imagiscape wishes to thank the Canadian Caregiver Coalition for its work on behalf of caregivers.